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    Hello!!Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen anxunhong industrial co.,LTD.!

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    Shenzhen anxunhong industrial co.,LTD.

      Shenzhen anxunhong industrial co.,LTD.Established in November 1996, it is a general taxpayer enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in chassis cabinet and other sheet metal manufacturing, metal mold manufacturing and metal stamping processing, all kinds of welding structural parts manufacturing, CNC punch processing and CNC bending processing. It has Amada ac2510nt CNC punch, Amada rg100 CNC bending machine, riveting machine, argon arc welding, electric welding and other sheet metal manufacturing equipment; CNC WEDM machine, milling machine, grinder, radial drilling machine and other hardware mold manufacturing equipment and ordinary punching machine, as well as screen printing and powder spraying equipment.Since the establishment of the company, we adhere to the "quality first, customer satisfaction".....

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    Copyright: Shenzhen anxunhong industrial co.,LTD.|CNC punch external processing manufacturers, customized prices, product costs, process which good  粵ICP備18104600號

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